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*First, write the dates on your calendar of every event, program, party and family gathering you expect to attend. If you plan to bring food or gifts, write those down too.

*Write in when your bills are due, and promise to pay them on time.

*Determine your holiday budget and promise not to go one penny over it.

*Make a list of who you will give gifts to, and what you'd like to give them.

*Plan your menus now.

*Do as much grocery shopping now as you can. Cook and bake ahead as much as you can. It's not too early to start!

*Buy or make as many gifts ahead as you can, get them wrapped, labeled and hidden.

*Buy, make, write or print out any Christmas cards you want to send.

*As soon as Thanksgiving is over, go through your Christmas decorations to purge, add or revive

*Get my new e-book to help you with all the details

*Remember to keep things simple

*Plan now to enjoy the holidays!

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