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Got Clutter?  Have a Yard Sale!
by Jacquie Ross, CastAway the Clutter!

Spring is here and yard sale season begins; well at least for us in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Yard sales are not for everyone - donating your gently used items is a great idea and allows you to forget about your stuff and move on.  But for those of you who have a great deal of items, parting with them can be difficult, so it may make sense to sell them at a yard sale!
Preparing for a yard sale will be time consuming, but your efforts may be well rewarded with lots of extra cash!  Be prepared and begin planning your yard sale as early as possible.  The more organized your sale is, the more sales you will receive. Here are a few tips for hosting a successful yard sale:

Encourage your neighborhood to have a multi-family or community yard sale.  These events bring in the largest crowds.  You can also split the advertising cost with your neighbors.

Avoid scheduling your sale on a Friday or Sunday, unless it’s an indoor estate sale.  The best day for yard sales are on Saturday mornings.

Have a back-up plan ready in case it rains.  You should mention a rain date in your ad, or plan to hold the sale in a garage or covered porch.

Post signs everywhere, even if you have advertised in your local newspaper. You will get more traffic.

Go to the bank the day before and get lots of change and small bills.

Don’t price your items too high.  I know you paid $50 for that sweater, but yard sale visitors are looking for bargains, so prices need be under $10 for most items, excluding furniture.  Visit a few sales in your area to get an idea of how to price items.

Be ready to start selling items before the scheduled time.  Die hard yard-salers will be arriving 15-45 minutes before the scheduled time!  I’ve had someone arrive as early as 1 hour before the scheduled time!

Finally, have snacks and beverages available because it could be a long day; be friendly with your prospective buyers, and don’t forget to play some easy listening background music!  Shoppers will stay longer and will be more apt to spend money!  At the end of the sale, have a plan to load up your car or truck and take it to the nearest donation center.

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Organizing & Planning a Yard Sale

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