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A Busy Mom's Guide to a More Organized Life
Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get things done?  Do you struggle with the day-to-day challenges of managing the family’s schedules, controlling paper and household clutter and getting dinner on the table?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, A Busy Mom’s Guide to a More Organized Life: Time Saving Tips to Help Busy Moms Get More Done! will help to resolve all of these challenges and more. 

I am a professional organizer, wife and busy mom of two children. My days are busy too.  Like many of you reading this, my daily activities may consist of (and are not limited to) working, getting the kids off to school, staying on top of their homework, projects, carpooling and extracurricular activities, getting dinner on the table, cleaning and maintaining the house, gardening, participating in volunteer activities and hobbies, enjoying family time, entertaining family and friends, meeting with friends and extended family, managing the household bills, controlling the influx of paperwork, etc.  I could go on and on. You get the picture. 

So what can we do to change this?  Managing your time is a big part of taking back control of your schedule. I know you’ve heard it all before, but it’s true.  Always be thinking of your goals and priorities, and it will help you to make the necessary changes required to live the life you truly want to.

Clearing household clutter and getting organized is another way to take back control of your time, especially if you’re currently living in a cluttered home.  Decluttering, not only frees up time and space, it also reduces personal stress and allows us to focus on what’s truly important. What activities would you rather be participating in?  “Me-time” or decluttering your basement? 
Once you have your organizational systems in place, and have a maintenance plan, you will be able to stay organized for life.  I know this is true, because I have experienced it myself.  A Busy Mom’s Guide to a More Organized Life: Time Saving Tips to Help Busy Moms Get More Done! will show you how to find more time in your day and create organizational systems to help you to always be and feel organized.  As you start to make some changes, you will begin to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders! 

Here’s a SAMPLING of what you’ll get when you order a copy of my instantly downloadable e-book: A Busy Mom’s Guide to a More Organized Life: Time Saving Tips to Help Busy Moms Get More Done!

De-Clutter Your Home:

Learn how clearing clutter can clear more than just your space

Learn how to define clutter so that you can easily avoid it in the future, and know what to keep and what to throw away

Learn the habitual time stealers that may be preventing you from getting things done

Learn how to create a new mindset to have a more organized home

Learn how to have a functional and organized office

Learn new Time Management:Techniques:

Learn 6 easy ways to stop procrastination

Learn dozens of ways for busy moms to find more time in their day

Learn time management tips, especially for working moms

Learn whether or not you should use to-do lists

Learn when you should use forms and checklists

Learn some organizing product ideas for dealing with papers

Learn an easy organizational system to organize greeting cards

Discover new ideas for setting up reminders

Stop Paper Clutter:

Discover an easy system to stop losing important papers

Learn how to organize and pay your bills on time to avoid late fees

Learn how to handle your mail more efficiently

Learn Meal Planning Tips:

Learn how to get dinner on the table every night

Learn what time savers can help you to more easily get dinner on the table

Learn how to prepare for an efficient grocery shopping experience

Learn Back to School Tips:

Learn dozens of back to school budget, organizing and time saving tips

Learn how to better control your children’s school papers

Learn how to teach your children how to be organized

Learn how to teach your children time management techniques

Vacation Planning Tips:

Learn how to plan an organized and stress-free vacation

Learn how to always be prepared during vacation and what file every mom should have with them

Christmas and Holidays:

Learn how to get organized for the holidays

Learn how to never forget anyone on the list

Learn step by step organizing tips for planning a stress free holiday party

Learn organizing tips for preparing an organized holiday card list

Learn frugal tips for a budget friendly holiday season

Learn time saving holiday planning tips

Learn simple living tips for a simpler, yet still fulfilling holiday season

.. and much more. PLUS: free forms and checklists to help you to better control your time,
   activities and schedule.

What’s different about this book as compared to other organizing books that claim to be the answer to your clutter or time management issues?  A Busy Mom’s Guide to a More Organized Life not only shares organizing and time management tips, but will help you to think more honestly about how you’re living and how you can make changes to move forward. Also, although this book will benefit anyone who struggles with time management and organization, it was  written especially for busy moms and dads who may be feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start. It is also written by a professional organizer who works with clients everyday to help them remove their clutter and get organized.  Why not spend the time reading a book especially for you by a professional? The cost of this ebook is less than the cost of one hour of working with a professional organizer, like me.  In fact, to work with a professional organizer for one day could cost anywhere from $500-$900.

If you're surrounded by clutter, you will never be able to truly live the life you want.  You also will always feel disorganized, always rushed, always apologizing for being late, and always  apologizing for “the mess”.  Today is your day to make a change.  Begin dreaming of a clutter-free home, always being early for appointments, remembering birthdays a week before it’s time to mail the greeting card, getting your holiday shopping done with no stress and much more. If you do not already have a copy of my Take Control of Your Clutter Goals Planning Worksheet, you will find a copy at the end of the e-book, with many other free forms and checklists included with this book.  This worksheet will help you to write down your decluttering and organizing goals and dreams.  I suggest you fill out this worksheet before you start on your next decluttering and organizing project.  to help you to remain focused and motivated to keep going, even when it appears hopeless.

Don't wait! If you would like to learn how to be more organized, order your downloadable copy of A Busy Mom’s Guide to a More Organized Life: Time Saving Tips to Help Busy Moms Get More Done!  Your copy will be delivered instantly, so that you start to clear your clutter and get organized now. 

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