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Inexpensive Ways to Organize Young Children
By Clara Myers

If your children are anything like the ones I know, they're less than gentle on their belongings. It's not an unwise decision to be thrifty in setting up organization systems for them. Here are some inexpensive tips I've found helpful--

Book Storage

Get milk crate type bins and stack two by your child's bed. They come in bright colors and keep the books visible for easy reach.

Coats and Bags

Over the door hooks are great. If you prefer, buy individual hooks to install into the wall studs. Either way, frequently used items will be within easy reach. Also, buy child sized hangers. This keeps the clothes from falling off or getting damaged by clothes hangers that just don't fit.

Double racks

A simple bar attached at a lower level to the existing closet bar allows children to learn self-help skills. They don't need an adult to get or put away their clothes for them. Hang the out-of-season clothes on the upper rack.

Non-Hanging Clothes

Instead of a more expensive wooden chest of drawers, organize their closet with bins. You can get a shelving system with hanging bins or stackable bins that sit on the floor. Every few months, go through what still fits, what can be donated, and what's ready for the rag bin. This way the clothes don't come spilling out of the closet onto the floor. By confining their clothes to the closet, it frees up floor space for play and reduces clutter as well. Remember, every surface is a potential clutter magnet.

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