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9 Steps to Conquering Your Paper Woes
1.Go around the room and pick up every piece of paper you can find and place it in your box.

2.Bring the box to a place with a big surface like a kitchen table or the floor and empty it there.

3.Start sorting. Begin with a small number of sorting categories. It will make this part of the job easier and the job will go faster. Try categories like: “Personal, not active,” Garbage (your box), “to Act on” ( bills to pay, dates to write down), “to Delegate” ( write down the name of the person it goes to).

4.Once everything is sorted, start making file folders. Take your pile of Personal items and separate these papers into categories that make sense to you: Common labels include: Home Telephone, Utilities, Insurances, Courses to take, etc. Use your black felt marker to label each file.

5.Put these files in alphabetical order in a file cabinet or file container, and make a reference list for each category to make it easier to file next time. Also, reference lists can be read at a glance: it takes time for your fingers to walk through a filing system.

6.Distribute the items from the “Delegate” pile to the appropriate persons.

7.Make a file for “things to read” and always have it handy. Carry reading material with you to read while you are waiting. That way…when you have a few minutes to spare at, perhaps, the doctor’s office, you will be able to catch up on some of your reading.

8.Keep your “To act on” pile handy, too. Be sure to record all important dates on your calendar or in your date book.

9.Sort your “Garbage” pile. First, shred or destroy all sensitive information. Then sort your paper for recycling.

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Steps To Organize Your Home Office
by: Nishanth Reddy

Follow the lead of a well-organized home office. Using the checklist below, incorporate many of the organizing tips found on the list. You will have both a professional and efficient home office.... More details
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Words of wisdom:
•File your papers like invoices, last one first. For example, the last invoice that was paid will go on (at the front of) the pile in the folder. It is easier to find that way.

•The files that you use frequently should be easily accessible; put the rest away in a place like the bottom drawer of a cabinet.

•Handle papers as little as possible. When you pick up your mail, discard junk mail immediately. You might need a garbage and/or recycle container in your entrance way or close by. Open each envelope and put the contents in its appropriate file.

Now look around you and see the great job you did. Be proud of yourself. Congratulations are in order. You deserve to reward yourself! Quoi! You didn’t do it yet, mais qu’est ce que vous attendez? It won’t happen by itself…Just do it, NOW!

About the Author: Vicky Giard-Bomola, the Friendly Organizing Expert, makes women, small biz owners & entrepreneurs look fabulous…from their outfits to their offices. Vicky works with clients in Alberta and Quebec, showing them the savvy techniques of the Style File™ system and the pleasure of a well organized office. Sign up for her saucy & smart FREE e-zine and receive her free bonus report: “The 5 Steps to Closet Freedom" at VickyGiard@FriendlyOrganizingExpert.com (subject line: e-zine)

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Conquering Your Paper Clutter: How to Stop Struggling With The Growing Stacks of Paper
By Vicky Giard-Bomola

A piece of paper here,
a piece of paper there…
and soon you have…
mountains of paper everywhere

Weren’t we supposed to be living in a paperless world by this time? For some reason, sheets of paper seem to multiply like mushrooms.

To conquer your paper clutter, gather 20-30 file folders, 1 black felt pen, and 1 big box. Then read on.

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