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Thanksgiving Holiday Planning Tips
Organizing Tips for the Holidays
Printable to Do Lists to Get Organized - Thanksgiving Countdown
By Joseph Merton 

28 Days
Start early to get a handle on the holiday and keep stress to a minimum. Printable to do lists to get organized are an excellent tool to help you maintain your sanity through the holidays. Click on the print this article icon to print as many copies as you need.
Decide on menu
Make a list of people to invite
Order the turkey
Send out invitations or call guests on the phone so you know how many people to expect. If guests will be bringing any dishes add it to the list, next to their name.

21 Days
Make sure you have the correct equipment and enough of everything to serve your guests.
Table big enough to serve guest
Sharpen knives
Coffee maker or pot
Sugar bowl
Water glasses
Wine glasses
Cups and saucers
Laundered napkins
Table cloth (that fits table)
Refrigerator space to hold turkey
Pan big enough to cook turkey
Large bowls, pots, serving platters
Cream pitcher
Bread basket
Gravy pitcher

14 Days
Its time to start shopping to avoid the late rush at the supermarket.
Decide on seating chart (will you need a kids table?)
Decide on what can be cooked in advance
Write up shopping list, start shopping (purchase wine and apple cider for children)

7 Days
Getting down to the big day. Don't panic, everything is running smoothly.
Declutter house (including refrigerator)
Fresh towels in bathrooms
Finalize shopping list

3 Days
Start defrosting the turkey

2 Days
Create cooking schedule for the big day (figure out how much time every dish will take to cook, write down the time that everything needs to go into the oven so that all food is cooked by dinner time. Do not forget items that need to be defrosted or reheated.)

Final trip to the supermarket (consider getting some disposable containers for guests to take home some of the leftovers.) Start cooking things that can be cooked in advance to be reheated on Thanksgiving.

1 Day
Set the table so it will be ready for tomorrow
Set up coat hanger for guests clear out closet for guest coats
Clean bathroom that guests will be using

Thanksgiving Day

Enjoy the fruit of good preparation and organization.
Now you need to find some printable to do lists to get you organized for the rest of the holiday season. But, while printable to do lists to get you organized are useful tools, they can't help you declutter your house for the holidays. If clutter is weighing heavy on your mind and you really want your house to be holiday ready, its time to declutter now.
Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to hold your holiday celebrations in a clean and organized home? Its easier and faster to do than you think.
Click here => how to declutter my house to find out.

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