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We all love the Holidays. Even those of us that have clutter. We just love the Holidays at someone else's home! The trick to having your home organize before Thanksgiving, is to not stress about it and make a plan.

There is only two weeks before the big day. There is not time to find that perfect spot for everything. Nor is there time to decide if we should keep Great Grandaddy's pipe case. Sentimental decisions need time and energy and now is definitely not the time!

The key here is to focus on the parties. Decide now about the food and the time needed to prepare and cook. Decide now how much you can do in advance and clean up. Once you write this down and are convinced that you have it together, then, look around you. 

Home Organization For Thanksgiving
By Lisa B Maxwell
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Go and buy several big plastic tubs with lids. Start with the entry way and work back through each room that company will be trotting through. Trash things if you can, but don't get bogged down with it. Decide if you can live with out these things for a few weeks and place them in the tubs. If you can, make a list of what's in the tubs, but if this is too much, just list on the outside which room it belongs. If something comes up later you will at least know where to start looking.

This is the fastest and least stressful method to getting your Home Organized ready for the Holidays. However, Once New Year's rolls around, I'll be expecting a resolution of sorting those tubs in a prompt manner.

Till next time!

Lisa Maxwell
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